Online dating and uncertainty reduction theory

Uncertainty reduction theory provides a theoretical framework for understanding how these communication strategies function to reduce uncertainty and facilitate the communication process. Uncertainty reduction theory poses _____, or truisms drawn from past research and common sense, to explain the process of reducing uncertainty in initial interactions. Living in a big city, we are privileged to often be the first to watch social change happen over the past few years, i’ve noticed this being true when it comes to online dating, especially for young adults such as we in college or freshly starting our careers.

Uncertainty reduction theory charles berger katie corbin and haley sudduth uncertainty reduction: more knowledge of the kind ofperson someone is will help youpredict how future interactions with them will turn out 11 1 parent/child 2 boyfriend/girlfriend 3 online dating 4 roommate 28. As online dating and virtual teams the onion model is a useful metaphor for describing how social penetration uncertainty reduction theory (berger & calabrese, 1975) suggests that people reduce uncertainty in relationships through information‐seeking and self‐disclosure communication privacy management theory. Uncertainty reduction in online dating 19 4 uncertainty reduction theory chapter 4 is the centerpiece of this thesis and explains the relevant parts of the urt, which will be the guiding theory throughout this paper.

This study investigates relationships between privacy concerns, uncertainty reduction behaviors, and self-disclosure among online dating participants, drawing on uncertainty reduction theory and. Based on traditional social psychological theories pertaining to social relationships such as the social exchange theory and uncertainty reduction theory, parks (1997) developed the relational theory of development. Berger and calbrese’s uncertainty reduction theory argues that humans are uncomfortable with uncertainty and will communicate to reduce uncertainty this explains why, when first meeting someone.

Additionally, the present study was a quasi-replication of research exploring how changes in time spent on information seeking impacted ac and sa testing two uncertainty reduction theory axioms. Uncertainty reduction theory (urt) is a theory from the field of interpersonal communication that seeks to explain how uncertainty, or lack of knowledge, drives interpersonal communicationthis initial approach to uncertainty management theories dramatically shaped scholars' understanding of the way people manage uncertainty, (afifi, 2009, p 2. That dating profiles can be easily manipulated and subject to selective self-presentation [18,36], individuals on dating sites engage in uncertainty reduction [2] and uncertainty manage. Uncertainty reduction theory occurs mainly when a person is introduced to someone for the first time uncertainty reduction theory is present when a person in introduced to a new person by a mutual friend in a personal setting. The self-reported reasons for self-disclosure and krystle n, the self-reported reasons for self-disclosure and uncertainty reduction strategies used in romantic online dating relationships compared to face-to-face romantic dating relationships (2015) the uncertainty reduction theory (urt) is applied in the current study in attempts.

Online dating and uncertainty reduction theory

Uncertainty reduction theory originated from charles berger and richard calabrese in 1975 the goal for this theory was to predict and explain how communication is used to reduce the uncertainty among people involved in conversations with one another the first time they meet. One of the axioms of uncertainty reduction states that as nonverbal affiliative expressiveness _____, uncertainty levels will _____ increases/decrease ashley meets lisa on an online dating site, and is considering meeting her in person. Online dating participants who engage in greater uncertainty reduction behavior will have less uncertainty about potential dating partners and will thus open up more in their interactions with them (gibbs et al, 2011.

Uncertainty reduction theory demonstrates how catfish: the tv show operates as a communication strategy to reduce uncertainty about a partner’s identity and other aspects of the relationship description. Self-disclosure theory- gibbs, j e (2011) first comes love, then comes google an investigation of uncertainty reduction strategies and self-disclosure in online dating first comes love, then comes google an investigation of uncertainty reduction strategies and self-disclosure in online dating. Hence, uncertainty reduction theory implies that relational uncertainty may elevate the severity of face threats because people lack clearly established norms for behavior” (knobloch, satterlee and didomenico 2010, p307. Communication research 2012 39: 757 originally published online 1 june 2011 example, on social network sites and online dating sites (antheunis, valkenburg, & peter, according to uncertainty reduction theory (urt berger & calabrese, 1975), a reduction in uncertainty in face-to-face communication will lead to an.

This is a blog on computer mediated communication and online dating the following sample research paper shows how those who engage in online dating undergo a sociological process of reducing uncertainty social networking sites have shown to be the main driving force behind online dating and much research has done been on this behalf to show how it is changing the rules of dating, so to speak. Uncertainty reduction theory the more we know, the more we like, and the more intimacy we have toward other uncertainty reduction in online dating presented by: victoria walker & beth rousseau high uncertainty = low intimacy/liking low uncertainty = high intimacy/liking. This study sought to expand uncertainty reduction theory (berger & calabrese, 1975) by exploring network and dyadic correlates of uncertainty and stability in premarital romantic relationships respondents completed questionnaires and participated in telephone interviews three months later. Communications ch 8-13 study play uncertainty reduction theory when strangers meet, their primary focus is on reducing their levels of uncertainty in the situation social exchange theory claire has been chatting with steve on an online dating site for a few weeks when she finds out his full name, she googles him in order to find out.

Online dating and uncertainty reduction theory
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